On returns, can we (the customer) keep the free swag? Or do we have to send it back to Pie Bros to be eligible for a return and or exchange?

All free/extra items (stickers, coasters, extra t-shirts etc.) in your t-shirt package are free and a gift from us to you as a thank you! Keep it, no need to return them! However, if the free item happens to be extra t-shirt and the extra t-shirt(s) with the ordered t-shirt does not fit properly, then send them back for an exchange for the correct size the customer would be responsible for return postage. Pie Bros will pay to reship t-shirt packages back to you. 

Do you do request? or take ideas for t-shirt design? and if you use my t-shirt design can I get paid?  

Yes, However not very often, because we work full time jobs. We do not have the time, however, if the t-shirt dream comes true and we can spend more time making t-shirts and less time working the 9 to 5, then yes we would entertain most all requests!  No hate stuff!  If we use your design, yes you will get a cut a of the profit, to be determined between both parties.

Do you guys wholesale?

No, unfortunately piebrost-shirts.com is the only place to get pie bros t-shirts!

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